Connect Home Hub has not received FW upgrade to support Edge

Hi, my Hub has not yet been upgraded to support Edge Drivers, hence I am loosing more and more functionality of my devices. Any idea how to get the Hub updated?
The hub is model ET-WV523
FW 000.029.00009
Would be great to hear thoughts/support

That is a now discontinued hub model (the 1st generation that was also a WiFi router, Connect Home, which was replaced with the 2nd generation with plume). To be honest, I’m not sure if that is going to be updated or not. :thinking:

You’d need to open an official support ticket to find out. That’s a UK model, right? Try email from the following page. The first people you reach will just be a general Samsung employee probably won’t know anything about smartthings, but stick with it, and you should eventually get escalated to engineering staff.

If I’m wrong, and that’s a US model, use the following page instead:

Let us know what they say.

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