Conditional statement based on temperature rate (for dryer notification)

Hey guys, pretty new here and I was able to configure a wash machine ‘done’ notification piston using a outlet that monitors power consumption. Now I’m working on the dryer. I have a temperature sensor (Xiaomi) on the vent pipe. What I want to do is IF dryer vent temperature raises more than 2 degrees F in 2 minutes or something similar. Is this possible? I guess I could have it store current value then have a 2 minute timer and compare it to the present value.



Are you using CoRE or webCoRE? Also, you probably found out already, temperature is fairly slow to “react”, so you need patience

I just installed webCoRE but do not have any pistons created yet. I have ~10 pistons with on CoRE, which btw, are people recreating all of their CoRE pistons in webCoRE? Looks like they are independent applications that do not talk back and forth.

Correct, CoRE and webCoRE are independent.

Rather than sensing temperature, how about sensing vibration on the dryer itself?

or use dryer power consumption, as for the washer. I tried to make vibration work, it’s too irregular.

For my purpose I put the washer and the dryer on the same power monitor switch - killed two birds with one stone. The “washer and dryer are done” signal, is the only signal my wife wants from the home automation.

Power has been an excellent way to determine the actual operating state of most of my house equipment. I can tell when the charger is done, when the fridge is defrosting, when the washer is wringing out - so detailed.

My temperatures have only been useful for alarming, and setting the fridge.

Any concerns about the power draw of the dryer overloading the power monitor? Or are you using a hard wired outlet?

Most dryers in the US use single phase 220V power, so connecting them through a power outlet that can measure the power consumption could be quite a challenge. Aeotec makes a heavy duty switch that will work. Or the clamp version that is passive.

There’s some good info in this thread related to monitoring a dryer.

I’ve also setup a piston in webCoRE that sends alerts.

Hi Ross,

Any chance of you sharing that piston? I have a similar set up in core and need to set something up in webcore.


The previous piston was just not working correctly - it wasn’t sending a message to both of us. I have this one working correctly. woot!
Let me know if it doesn’t or if you have any questions.

Thank you!