Complicated Setup need help Integrating Harmony, Alexa, ST


I need Help/Advice. Here is my setup:
1 Smartthings Hub
4 Harmony Hubs
4 Amazon Echo’s

I setup my ST to control all my Z-Wave devices. This works fine and Alexa controls them. I renamed my Harmony remotes to each room. Example Playstation Living Room, Playstation Master Bedroom.
I added Scenes to my ST Hub. The problem is I want them to show up in my Alexa so I can control them. Right now I have to create 2 Scenes… 1 In ST and the other in Alexa. How do I get Alexa to pull the scenes from ST hub?

Now Alexa does work pulling activities from the Harmony Hubs, But it only does what Harmony is setup to do. Example…
Alexa turn on Playstation Master Bedroom. It turns on my Onkyo, TV, Playstation just as Harmony is setup to do. BUT I want the Fan Master Bedroom and Master Bedroom Left to turn on also. That works in ST as I have that Scene setup, but Alexa doesn’t see that scene and only turn on Harmony Activity. I really don’t want to setup 2 scenes I’d rather Alexa pull the scene from ST. Basically I want everything setup on ST and not spread over all device controllers. Just pull everything from ST. I don’t want to add Things from ST to Harmony Remote I know that works fine. Everything should pull from ST hub including Scenes. That way if I make a change it works everywhere and I don’t have to update each controller.

Confusing uh? lol