[COMPLETE] Sliding Door electronic lock with Keypad access, fully ST integrated

We have all been looking for a sliding (patio) door smart lock solution.
This project is essentially proof of concept using easily available components and a little bit of time.

What’s needed (Hardware):

  1. zwave or zigbee in wall (on/off) switch or plug in appliance module.
  2. drop bolt or magnetic electronic access control lock
  3. 12v DC plug in adapter (generic)
  4. metal strip (thickness of difference between door and jam)
  5. Iris/Centralite zigbee keypad
  6. outdoor weatherproof enclosure
  1. https://www.lowes.com/pd/GE-Iris-100-Watt-Single-Pole-3-Way-Wireless-White-Tap-Indoor-Light-Switch/999913765
  2. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0716YQZSW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s03?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  3. https://www.amazon.com/HDView-Certified-Transformer-Security-110-240V/dp/B019X3XVWS/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1502259736&sr=8-5&keywords=12v+1a
  4. http://www.ksmetals.com/29.html
  5. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Iris-White-Security-Alarm-Keypad-Works-with-Iris/999925326
  6. https://www.lowes.com/pd/Hubbell-TayMac-2-Gang-Rectangle-Plastic-Weatherproof-Electrical-Box-Cover/50411102


  • Spray paint to match lock with door jam
  • in wall electrical: old work gang boxes, Romex wire, outlet
  • heat shrink tubing to make it look nice
  • zigbee or zwave door/window contact sensor

So the video explains it all.

Now the ST software side:
Installation instructions for both of these (DTH and SA) are in post 1 of each respective thread.

@zcorneli’s Iris/Centralite DTH:

[RELEASE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps

@bamarayne’s Keypad Coordinator Smart App:

[RELEASE] Keypad Coordinator - Bring out the power of your Keypads

To be clear, @bamarayne’s smart app is the software crux of this project. His stellar work made this work right!

I hope this project serves an inspiration for your projects, and I’d love to see what everyone makes of their installs.
Enjoy, and please like and comment!


Dude you are a stud. Works really solid! Great ingenuity.

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Impressive work indeed! Connecting devices and sensors is one thing, but making them into a family friendly solution is something else. You did that really well. Great video BTW.

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good work! is there a way to have it NOT auto-lock?

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It auto locks when the switch is on. By keeping the switch off, it will not auto lock. @cozdabuch has the switch automatically turn right back on with Smart Lighting after he turns it off.

Awesome project.


Cool! Great project!

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Very nice! I have a similar project for my storage room under my deck. I am using the magnetic lock instead of pin and even my wife likes it. No fancy keypad like your setup but I really recommend having a UPS.

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I was really debating a UPS but I ultimately wanted a fail open system in case of power loss. Specifically in the event of fire. Maybe when the little ones are a bit older I’ll do it. Till then I just want fail open.


Ok, this is getting crazy. I now have so many new projects to make my home smarter that I can’t decide which to do first :grin:

So if you lose power to the house like from a storm or something it will unlock the door? Seems like a easy way to break into your house. Maybe I’m not understanding right. However very good job that is some amazing work .

This is a very intriguing concept and one I will implement. I currently use a bar that flips down to stop the door from sliding. I use a door sensor on the door to monitor the open/close state of the door and a ST Multi on the bar to determine the state of the bar. Basically I can tell if the door is open and whether the bar is in place. Right now if either is true I get a text message when my hub mode changes to Away or NIght. and use sneaker net to go and close the door or drop the bar in place.

Adding the electronic drop-in lock would automate my current system. I still rely on the traditional lock as the main lock and would use this as a fail safe.

On a safety note - Anyone using this lock should install a physical cutoff switch on the 12V supply line. A push to exit button. These are pneumatic mechanical switches that break the power to the electronic door lock for a short period of time before returning to the “ON” state. This is code on any door considered an exit.

Link to “Push to exit Button”


great job! i heard you say you have it covered for when there’s a fire, but what about a power outage? backup battery or no power unlocks?

is there a battery operated drop bolt available?

It’s a fail safe device. You need power to lock and no power will unlock the pin.

that has its advantages and disadvantages. i want one like my Schlage toughpad deadbolt, where it works on batteries and z-wave. a city blackout or someone turning off the breakers won’t unlock your house.


I bet if you came up with a good aesthetic case option (possibly 3d printed) We could get a significant runtime in the event of a power outage with just an 18650 battery a small lithium charging board and a boost converter to boost the voltage to the required amount. That could ease the concerns of most small power outages… Obviously after the battery dies the door would still open. A UPS on the power supply would achieve the same thing if there is a good place to put that near enough by to get a wire run to the door. I’ve been milling this over again almost as just a secondary lock for if I forget to lock the main lock… It’s a shame someone hasn’t commercially produced a viable option yet.

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The front door deadbolts stay open or closed without continuous power. My Schlage smart ldeadbolt only needs to draw from it’s AA batteries for the Z-Wave, touchpad (periodically), and moving the bolt from one position to another (periodically). it lasts for over 6 months for me.
is there an electric drop bolt that doesn’t require power to stay open or stay closed?

I think it’s best to stay with fail safe drop bolt in residential home for safety purposes. Last thing we need is to fumble around in the dark when there’s a fire.

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what about all the smart electronic deadbolts that are battery operated and remain in their last position if there’s a power outage?

The purpose of a door lock is not the same as the magnetic drop pin lock. Usually the magnetic lock is mounted at a higher position and not easily access where a door lock is at an accessible height.