Compatible "golfball" bulb?

I want to replace a normal golfball (B22 bayonet) bulb in a small very old handmade lamp with a smart bulb. I have found Lifx mini which looks like it might be near enough the right size, but also a lot of posts complaining it doesn’t integrate very well with ST. Are there any others - even better if they were zigbee so I didn’t need to start yet another online account! I would have simply plugged it in via a smart plug, but one would not fit behind the large heavy cabinet that is in front of the socket.

Why not replace the in wall outlet with Jasco’s new zigbee outlet?

I can’t actually unplug the lamp without moving this heavy cabinet. Let’s put it this way, if the only way to make the lamp smart, is to do something at the wall outlet end of things, I’ll leave it dumb. So basically at this point I’m only interested in small size smart bulbs or nothing, but thanks that might be useful for some other purpose in the future (well - the UK version of it anyway)

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For the US or UK?

In either case, there are some inexpensive Wi-Fi 6W bayonet base bulbs from China sold on Amazon which might work, but the only integration would be using Alexa as a “man in the middle“ via an Alexa routine. It’s doable, but clunky to set up and of course cloud-dependent.

Golfball sized? Well I have a Lifx mini arriving soon - that’s cloud-dependent too but via Lifx app, and I might be lucky and not have the problems I have seen reported. I don’t mind cloud dependency quite so much when it’s just occasional lighting rather than important sensors. If that doesn’t work, I am going to try putting a Sonoff zigbee smartswitch on the wire just before the lamp. Fortunately I had the foresight to use one of those slim inline plugs part way along the cord when I realised I wouldn’t be able to unplug at the wall once all the furniture was in place, so I can do it in safety!

Update: Lifx mini still too large for the lampshade! Awaiting delivery of the switch now.

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