Compatibility with control4

hi, does anyone knows if this device can be paired with to my smartthings network, thanks


Control4 uses a proprietary dialect that is not compatible with SmartThings.

There are a few people who previously had control4 systems installed who have managed to interface the sensors to their SmartThings systems, but it’s tricky, and I wouldn’t go out and buy a new device with that intention.

Also, just a personal recommendation: never buy electronics from anywhere with a “no returns” policy. :wink:

If it is that particular form factor you like, there are a couple of dual relays that work with SmartThings, or you could try the very similar Leviton 2 button controller which some community members have used.

ok, thanks, do you know if there is smart switch that can work on 220v and just need two wire instalation??

Maybe. If it was upgraded to the ZigBee pro firmware from embernet, then it will pair and work with my keypad driver. If it hasn’t then it won’t pair.

All control4 ZigBee items conform to ha profile 1.2 for basic functions and use a custom cluster for advanced features.

I would not buy it. Much better keypad solutions out there. FYI this is a keypad not meant to carry load.