Compatibility with Baldwin Zigbee or Z-Wave locks

Does the SmartThings hub connect with any Zigbee or Z-Wave device? I don’t see Baldwin locks on Samsungs list of devices yet Baldwin offers both Zigbee and Z-Wave locks.

Also, which platform is better if I had a choice between Zigbee and Z-Wave.

I would think someone could get the Z-Wave versions to work, though the locks are not supported at the moment.

The ZigBee versions appear to be Control4, which would not work.

@rboy has a device handler for Z-Wave locks. Perhaps he knows more about this brand.


I’m not sure about compatibility and I’m too tired today to look it up so hopefully other people will respond.

As far as choosing between identical models except for protocol, Z wave is typically a better protocol for fixed position devices like locks and motorized window shades because Wi-Fi, particularly boosted WiFi, can interfere with zigbee communications, and there’s no interference with Z wave. Since sometimes the solution to this kind of interference is just to move the device a foot or so one way or the other and that is not an option with a doorlock, zwave tends to just be a little easier.

But both protocols are good, and there are people who have only zigbee devices or have only Z wave devices or have some of each and all the set ups work fine. It just depends on the individual details of how each household has laid out their devices and the local architecture.

But in general for locks I would probably go for Z wave because of the Wi-Fi issue. :sunglasses:

So I had a look at the Baldwin lock specs. It should work fine with the standard DH. There are not specific features this lock appears to have except for invalid codes and locks out. For those features you may want to use the @RBoy Universal Enhanced Z-Wave DH.

Z-Wave locks tends to have less interference and hence our personal choice of technology.

Zigbee isn’t too bad either however know that zigbee lock support in ST is currently limited. @jhamstead has deployed a beta version of the Zigbee DH which allows for remote code programming. The stock DH doesn’t support that yet.

Hope this helps

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Missed this. The Baldwin locks have a dip switch configuration for controlling the auto lock and audio beeping. This is similar to kwikset. So while it can’t be controlled via ST the Universal Z-Wave Enhanced DH

Should be able to report the current state.

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Thanks for the info! I’m not sure what you mean by “can’t be controlled via ST…” What does ST mean? One of the main features I would like to be able to do is to change codes remotely. Would the Baldwin lock allow me to do this? My original plan was to us a Control 4 solution so I purchased the deadbolt and hanset there. Fortunately they shipped the basic lock with no brains (Zigbee or Z-Wave) so I’m returning the deadbolt piece but now I’m stuck with a handset and a hole in my door sized to the Baldwin handset. Consequently I’m somewhat committed to the Baldwin solution if I can make it work properly.

Thank you also for the information on your DH solutions. I took a look at your website and it looks like there are a lot of really good tools you’re offering. Another contractor suggested Vera as a hub for what I’m trying to accomplish. I see that your solutions only work on SmartThings hubs but do you have any comments on the Vera hub i.e. pros and cons?

As a note from what I said above: Control4 ZigBee is proprietary. So ZigBee Control4 devices will not work with ZigBee HA (Home Automation) found with SmartThings. ZigBee LL (ZigBee Light Link) runs on top of ZigBee HA so it will also work (though with Philips Hue devices most recommend still using the Philips hub).

Again my guess is that Z-Wave versions would work to program codes with the handler noted above but I don’t think anyone has tried.

When it comes to Vera I don’t have any experience with it but there are a lot of previous threads on this subject.

If your goal is to program locks remotely yes your z wave version of the
lock will be able to do it using the apps and DH on our website.

ST means SmartThings

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