Commercial Accounts for Rentals

Currently have six accounts. Sometimes we need quick access to figure out why a guest code didn’t activate. It would be more efficient to have access to all locations under one account instead of being limited to ten locations per account. It would also help us stay on top of issues before check ins with the notification options, but we can not sign into six accounts at the same time. Is this something being considered in the future or is there already a fix for this issue?

You can have multiple locations under one account. In the app, go to Manage Locations and add a new one.

The cap is ten locations. We have way more than that and growing everyday.

Then you should probably be using a commercial real estate solution.

Thanks for the suggestion. Just looking for options since the company has already invested so much into equipment. I just work for the company.

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There have been a couple of small companies in the past which have had over 100 apartments each with its own hub, but one at least eventually ended up writing their own software to manage it. And that was several years ago in another country when there wasn’t much else available.

You can check some of those project reports, but again, most of them are from several years ago and I have no idea if anything has been kept up-to-date.

SmartThings is getting more and more into the multi tenant space. So they have to have something available that allows an admin account. Maybe @nayelyz or @SamsungZell know who to contact to setup a commercial SmartThings account to manage multiple properties.


Good point: I had forgotten they were moving into the multifamily building sector for their smart appliances.

But as I understand it, those projects are not using smartthings hubs, so it’s a very different kind of unit management. :thinking:

The only one I’ve seen so far outside of Asia is one you mentioned previously: a deal with Entrata. But Entrata already sells software for multi tenant buildings, my understanding was that this would just add Samsung smart appliances to that existing product. But I could be wrong.

Here’s our previous discussion:

The Ruckus deal includes hubs (WASH ruckus routers in this case)

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