Command 'getDataValue' is not supported by device?

Last few days I noticed an issue with some code that connects with my ISY. When I hit refresh in the IOS app in the logs I see:

 java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command 
 'getDataValue' is not supported by device 
 f4444ec6-017f-405d-93cd-bef5396820e0 of type 'ISY Switch'. Supported 
 commands: [on, off, poll, refresh] @ line 66

Did something change somewhere with getdatavalue or any changes in the APIs?

What is the syntax of the line that is throwing the error? Can you post that line here?


Getting on a plane and can post more later but a snip is:

    def childMap = [:]
    parent.getChildDevices().each { child ->
        def childNodeAddr = child.getDataValue("nodeAddr")
        childMap[childNodeAddr] = child

Is the code from the DTH? If it is, change the lie to read:

def childNodeAddr = getDataValue(“nodeAddr”)

This is in the DTH. I will look into the change later. Did something change? This has worked fine since beginning of the year and just “broke” a few days ago.

did you just add another device of this type?

No that is the weird part - no changes or added devices in many months.

The guy who wrote the actual code is seeing the same problem so I have to assume something changed on the backend?

The full code is here:

No change - same error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command
’getDataValue’ is not supported by device
0328c5ce-b394-4cd9-83c7-af090ad8ae50 of type ‘ISY Dimmer’. Supported
commands: [on, off, poll, setLevel, refresh] @ line 66


Please submit formal ticket so this can be looked into by the right people.



By submit a ticket do you mean e-mail support or is there some other process? I did email support yesterday that and was pretty much told sorry we have no idea and can’t help with custom code.

Email support please.

Include that "getDataValue does not work in Device Definition File as oulined within SmartThings documentation: "

Please reference this thread when you email support so we can immediately get it escalated to the right people (front line agents are supporting end users, not developers)

I have passed it along to Jake (not from statefarm) as he’s the guy on my support ticket.

thanks guys!

This is breaking my home security system. It seems something changed on Sept 7th.
error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Command ‘getDataValue’ is not supported by device 65f94589-a568-47a4-a59e-6df9bee39fcd of type ‘RPi Home Monitor’. Supported commands: [poll, refresh, subscribe] @ line 43

It would seem it broke with the platform update on the 6th. Now just need the right eyes on it.

Do we have the right eyes on this yet?

Took 3 days but finally got a reply from support. The Ticket # is #254566. @twack @Aaron

@asishv have you had any luck with this on a workaround?

@slagle – See I am not the only one :slight_smile:

@jjslegacy I tried the workaround getChildDevices(false) and it worked. Thanks!