Broken ide

something broke in one of the last updates. this used to work previously
7540725e-bb43-46fa-85cb-4ebec74379aa ‎8‎:‎41‎:‎43‎ ‎AM: error java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Property ‘size’ is not supported for devices @ line 105

if (((intdate >= startDate) && (intdate <= endDate))
&& ((currenttemp > onSetPoint) && (currenttemp < offSetPoint)))
// dont do anything if already on
log.debug "in try turn on on outlets = $onOutlets.size() total outlets = $outlets.size()"
if (onOutlets.size() != outlets.size())
log.debug "turning outlets On as $sensor.displayName is reporting $currenttemp which is between $onSetPoint and $offSetPoint, and we are within the date range ($startDate - $endDate)!"
mysend(“Turning device(s) On as $sensor.displayName is reporting a temperature of $currenttemp which is between $onSetPoint and $offSetPoint, and we are within the date range ($startDate - $endDate)!”)
else log.debug “Not turning on again, all already on!”

it was even in one of your examples… apparently you can no longer get the size of the outlet array

here is an example right from your own documentation which apparently no longer works

Is this a SmartApp you have written or have the source code for? If so, can you share the source if it’s in GitHub or create a gist with your SmartApp that is failing and share it here?

The example referenced in the documentation is working for me, so would need more context to understand what’s going on in this case. Thanks!

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I wonder if it is because the device was no longer working… I had to remove and readd it…
if you want to pursue let me know and I will post the git hub link…

I have change the app anyway to set the size() to a variable. which appears to work… I have a feeling it was because the device was no longer reporting… not sure why. maybe that switch is flakey?