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Did you know that SmartThings is hiring!? We have lots of open jobs that need to be filled to help serve YOU our users! Do you love SmartThings? Bring your passion into your next new full time job!

Please check out all our listings here:

Pst… Let me tell you a secret about getting a job at SmartThings… We love to hire people like you who are passionate about SmartThings!

If you have questions, let me know. I would be happy to talk with you as I recently made the transition to SmartThings.

Thank you for your consideration.

Alissa Dornbos
Engineering Manager… Here is my teams current open position :wink: Senior Software Engineer - Minneapolis, MN | SmartThings Careers

Let me know when the “person who knows stuff and tweets” position is open :grin:


@alissa.dornbos, that train has gone ages ago…

Since SmartThings is Samsung SmartThings and development changed to be a top secret, non-disclosure agreement, nobody can know about it… People are turning around and leaving this platform.

First of all, support is really a joke. Ask anybody, what is the first thing what support would tell you… Reset your Hub! :-1:

Second, the documentation is outdated, and nobody listens to get things fixed. I have asked some updates on the documentation back in February 2020, and still hasn’t been updated. (Through the official emails.)

Third, the Developer Workspace, oh the mighty Developer Workspace. Your terms and conditions are not even public, neither the self assessment checklist… No comment… (see the point above the First!)

N+1, development is absolutely focused on things what somebody in a well paid high position thinks, it is not based on user feedback. Just a tiny example, last year in May the Alexa and Google Home integrations have been renewed. And the new integrations ditched the feature to be able to select what devices do you want to share with the Voice Assistant. The integration shares all your locations and devices with the Voice Assistant service. On the first day of the release multiple people highlighted that this is not good. Took another 6 months until somebody pulled out the had from the sand and started to listen, but the feature a year later is still missing. (Employees of SmartThings has highlighted their concerns during the initial development as well, but again nobody listened…)


Let me introduce @nathancu. One of the veterans of this community.

Here is a short intro (from @nathancu) what you can try to make better:

Embrace remote work. You’ll find more applicants.

No one wants to relocate to Minnesota. Just saying.
And Mountain View is boring and overpriced.

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@GSzabados Interesting… a couple of days you were welcoming her to ST and saying I was picky for pointing out the use of an old URL and saying I was ripping apart her first post.

And today…

Fascinating turn of events… who is picky now and ripping apart her second post? Just sayin’


There is a long story behind this, but you might miss the point what I am trying to say.

It is not being picky, and ripping apart a post. I think that advertising a job, is better to be done on a Job Advert page instead of a Community Forum.

This platform has/had its up and down. Most of the people who developed things has already left the community, that is a fact. The platform lost the open approach, and things are not getting fixed and noticed, but new fancy features pushed out…

You might disagree with me, but you must see these facts and stop for a moment to see how things are working now and how they used to be working.

Edit: If you find my post inappropriate, then please flag it. I don’t mind.
But look at some topics, which are full of frustration, like the CLI one, or the Ambient Weather integration. I cannot point you to the last few posts of Robin W., because all have been deleted on his request.

Some postings are available as remote (must work inside the US). I am a remote worker :slight_smile:

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