Awfully quiet on the ST side.. Something is brewing?

(Yves Racine) #1

Hello to all community members,

Don’t you feel that ST employees are unusuallly quiet at the moment on the forum?

Even support employees are taking more time than usual to respond to our requests…

The only time something similar was happening is when there were rumors about the Samsung acquisition…

Maybe, it’s the hub V2 that is taking all employees’ energy…

@April, @Ben, is there anything big coming?


(Ben Edwards) #2

Yves - You’re certainly not wrong. The list of initiatives grouped into the new “v2 release” is long and most hands are on deck. We’re growing. Most “free time” any team has, is being devoted to recruiting, interviewing, and onboarding. For me, I can say 50% of my week is devoted to these recruiting activities. It is super disruptive but I am hoping the time put in now will pay off later.


I’ve been here, just not posting quite as much. As Ben mentioned we’re all heads-down making our next-gen experience amazing.

(Mike Maxwell) #4

funny, noticed the same thing, figured I was imagining things…

(April Wong) #5

Our recent focus has been getting through all the SmartApp submissions, because we owe that to you, and streamlining that process to provide a better experience. Also after observing and listening to all the feedback I’ve been receiving the 4 months I’ve been here, I’m working hard on getting those ideas and feedback integrated onto SmartThings. We’re working on improving the tools we provide the community.

I’m still reading everything everyone posts. I can see why you’d think we’re not as “present” by responding to posts as often.

(Morgan) #6

Is there any idea on when we might get an update on the status of Hub v2, and any major platform updates?

(Eric) #7

Hmmm, my recruiting letter must be stuck in the junk email. LOL

Good to know…having seen their offices a few weeks back they are definitely rocking and rolling…so much happening at once there!! V2 looks awesome.

(Ron S) #8

Does he sit next to you? I thought @april has that spot…? We are all heads-down in office groovy coding and watching live logging. :wink: and we do not even work for ST. We are so dedicated.

(Cris D) #9

Amazon no longer has the old SmartSense presence sensor for sale. They put up a picture of the new one shown at CES 2015, and marked it as temporarily out of stock, so maybe V2 accessories are coming soon…? Model # is still 001 though.