Comcast now supports Nest, Lutron and More

Wow, I am shocked at how fast comcast is cranking out 3rd party integration. Their platform is mainly zigbee ( I think ) and is fairly open.

They even have a developer site:

and launced works with Xfinity campaign.

This is very interesting, indeed.


Humm do you think their solution extends to non Comcast customers? We don’t have access to Comcast!

Yes, it’s zigbee. Cable boxes in the US almost all have zigbee in them anyway, so technically that’s the direction that made sense for anything that would be directly connected.

This is a big step for them. They are arguing that their security business and the home automation business are each independent of their cable TV business.

And the interesting thing is that they think the demographics for home automation are the reverse of the demographics for big cable TV packages. That is, they think can get the millennial cord cutters as Home automation adopters. We’ll see.

I doubt it is open to non comcast customers. But I can’t see anything that says otherwise. Seems like it requires a comcast home account, so I’m guessing that it is locked into only comcast customers.

As a customer, I’ll check into it and see if I can understand the costs. Anyone have comcast’s HA solution already?

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I couldn’t begin to imagine dealing with Comcast’s CS on a HA system.

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Yeah. Its not like the wouldn’t respond to you after a few days. And then only via email.

Heck they probably even have a call center staffed with people to answer troubleshooting questions over a phone, how out dated.

Even have installers to do it for you.

Can’t imagine how bad this would be.

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The whole reason I started with ST was to get away from Comcast. Doing everything I can to get away from them but unfortunately in an older neighborhood they are the only game in town for high speed internet :frowning:


I know people complain about Comcast all the time, but I actually have had very good customer service from them for the last 10 years. It’s probably just accidentally good luck from living in a high tech area. We have a really weird non-standard configuration in our house and they grandfathered in a bunch of exceptions for us and still service everything with no complaints. We do have to explain every time we get a new service person that, yes, everything we have is a proved for the account, and they usually have to call back to the office to make sure, but then it all goes well. :sunglasses:

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Isn’t Comcast a whitelable of iControl Networks?

iControl is huuuuge … includes PEQ and many others. Guess I should just dig into their website and see what comes up.

Oh… Comcast has both iControl and proprietary?

Comcast launches its own Xfinity Home automation platform separate from Icontrol. Lutron lighting, August smart locks, Netgear’s Arlo among first partners. Nest kinda sorta.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it looks like it’s a cloud-to-cloud connection for Lutron support. I doesn’t explicitly say it needs the Caseta bridge or Caseta bridge Pro but it says you need to log into your Lutron account in order to pair the light switches.

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That might be just to authorize initial integration.

It’s a very strange deal when you look at the details. Xfinity owns the alarm system side of it, so customers can’t add anything that would trigger an alarm, not even a contact sensor, as a DIY project. You have to pay $95 to have an Xfinity service tech come out.

You can add your own door lock, because door locks are not allowed to trigger alarms. They’re not considered part of the security system.

The works with nest is limited to the thermostat, and there is no Geo fencing at all. Anyway, it’s an interesting approach. We’ll have to see if it sells.

Wow, I thought my grandmother was the only person on Earth who liked Comcast.
They’ve been good to her, [patiently] walking her through all sorts of changes and fixes. I maintain her PC, but they handle the internet/wireless since she’s much too far away for me to maintain that for her.

I know that Dish Network has been experimenting with Zwave (via USB dongle) HA support, haven’t seen too much with their efforts.

That’s just what HA needs, another 600ms in transaction latency…


You’re lucky. Every time I call I need to explain that I don’t have any cable boxes I use cable card tuners. I don’t use TV’s I use monitors and mini PC’s. I tell them I have zero signal coming in to the house. Rep. responds "ok let’s start by unplugging the cable box and wait 15 seconds."
Polite canned answers to questions they think you asked does not make for good CS.
Reading “I know this must be frustrating for you” from a script only makes me want to choke them harder.

Even had a “3rd level tech” working from home tell me it was Motorola* that pushed a firmware update on my modem causing it to continually reset and run very hot. After 4 hours of calls it magically reverted back to it’s original firmware version.
Comcast denies they have the ability to push firmware updates.
Even told me that modems have a short lifespan and that’s why they change out their customers modem every 8 to 12 months. Bunch of BS.

Rent their equipment as I do for my home in FL and service is great. Have your own equipment like I do in the house in VA and, well… good luck.

  • spoke with Motorola/Arris and they confirmed what I knew. Motorola has no way to access the modem. Only the service provider or the end user can push new firmware.

If I were paying monthly for a service for Smartthings that included Tech support I wouldn’t be happy waiting a cpl days for an answer
I knew what the deal was going in. Luckily I’m able to find most of my answers here on the community forum.

I’ve paid Crapcast a decent chunk of change every month for years. I expect top notch CS and not an under trained rep ineptly wandering through a flow chart and a page of canned responses.

Oh, Don’t forget the sales pitch before you transfer and don’t give the agent you’re transferring the customer to any info. Customers love repeating themselves over and over.


I understand. I’ve had plenty of the usual customer service issues over time.

I live near San Francisco, and the reality here that most tech-support people have a lot of experience dealing with strange set ups, so that may help.

It’s also possible that my account is flagged for special handling because I have some of their disability equipment. (I’m quadriparetic, so I can’t even unplug cables.) I know some of our grandfathered stuff is approved on that basis.

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Didn’t know they offered any services for the disabled. Just took a look and there is a special CS line.
I’m a 30 yr. post injury Para. Wonder if I can qualify for an on the ball tech.

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Ideally, ST would just work with X1 and everyone could call it a day :slight_smile:

Separately, I’d really like to try to get my X1 to change channels via ST. Sure, I could use a Harmony – I went down that path already – but literally flipping a virtual switch for PBS would solve so many issues for me

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That would be awesome! Hopefully someday.

Meanwhile, if you can put it in a harmony activity, you can trigger it with a virtual switch in SmartThings and use the Harmony/SmartThings integration to change channels. ( assuming you also have the harmony, of course) It’s just a lot of setup work. ESPN TV is an X1 channel for me, Netflix is on my Roku.