Color The Weather SmartApp

I’ve been tinkering with a SmartApp to display the weather forecast using colored lights. The idea is that I can know what to wear or remember an umbrella with an ambient light in a convenient place such as a dresser, coat rack, or closet. Below is a gist that seems to get the job done. I’ve only tested with some custom Arduino code, though, and would love is somebody with access to a Philips Hue or other color light could test it for me and let me know how it does.

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FYI - found a bug this morning and squashed it. If you happened to grab the code before 2/6/2014, be sure to update it.

Nice - thanks for sharing the code! Going to try it out…

I know this is digging up the dead, but I used your code to make a Hue weather alert that lights up my hallway light to indicate a few axes of important weather information: temperature, precipitation, and ice/snow. Feel free to correct me on my lazy attribution if you prefer to be acknowledged differently. Turns out that the big fix for Hue was making sure the Hue bulbs got HSB instead of RGB. Apart from that though, your work was incredibly helpful.

Hah. Very cool and thanks for the credit. I’m glad it was helpful to you. I haven’t done much with it since that initial flurry, but hopefully I will be able to some in 2015. :wink: