Color coordinater and lock codes?

Good morning. I haven’t been paying attention to this forum but all my automatons stop running through webcore and other smart apps like coler coordinater and lock manager. I have managed to redo most automation through routines and the new smart lighting system. However there are a few things I can’t figure out a work around for. Plesse help.

  1. Changing lock codes on my my schlage lock.
  2. Coordinating RGB colors and smartthings bulbs.
  3. Setting up some type of away lighting when I am not home. I used to use vacation mode.

You can do 2 and 3 using the SharpTools Rule Engine.

The vacation mode suggests turn lights on and off at varied, as opposed to fixed, times. Currently in beta, the Rule Engine allows for random delays before lights are turned on or off, mimicking the “vacation” feature.

The following thread links to some ideas:

Why Did My Integration/SmartApp Stop Working in January 2023?

ST app has a service called Smart Lock Guest Access that allows you to change codes on your Schlage lock. Unfortunately, it is having an issue this morning and is not working :frowning: Also, if your locks have already migrated to the stock Z-Wave lock driver, I would recommend installing and switching to the Z-Lock Edge driver from @philh30 which is more full featured than the stock driver. If it hasn’t switched over from DTH, you will have to exclude/include your lock to switch it over.

Sharptools is an option for vacation/away lighting. If you have Alexa, some folks have been using virtual switches/contact sensors to trigger Alexa to turn on Guard mode to manage lighting when they are away.

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I am now registered for sharp tools. Now I need to figure out how to make rules to match rgb colors and to randomize rgb colors. Any suggestions?

You can set colors using the Rule Engine. Not sure about randomize, as you didn’t mention that previously. Best thing to do is starting reading in the Sharptools community and familiarize yourself with Sharptools help. After you have a rule roughed out, post in the community for further help.

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