Coding help

Looking for an app that will turn on my interior lights when my presence device is present after a certain time. For example when I come home from work turn on lights x…y and z.



Could you not use the Turn It On When I’m Here app listed in the Convenience apps?

I could use that a base and alter the code to add a time frame as to when the app is active. I do not see the app available in the ide though.

Check out the shared apps section. I have an app in there called “Turn on when Open, Only at Night” that does what you’re looking for… almost.

My app triggers based on when a door is opened, but if should be too hard to change it so that it trigger with a presence tag.

When installing the app, it asks for the time frame that you want it to trigger. If my door opened in that time frame, my light turns on. If my door opens outside of that time frame, the light does no go on.