Arrival "Presence" Smart Light Automation


I am new to this. I used Smart Lighting App set the living room lights to turn on when it recognizes my iphone and it recognizes my wife’s presence throught Life 360 app (since I can’t add her as a second user yet). It works well, except for one thing. I chose the option of “only at certain times” and then “from sunset to sunrise” so the lights don’t turn on during the day. It doesnt work that way and still during the day, when the system recognizes that her she is “present” through the life 360 app, the living room lights turn on. Any thoughts ?


You may want to try setting up a night mode instead and only have it trigger for that mode.

Thanks sidjohn1! Appreciate your reply. It would be great if you let me know (or post a link if it is already there) on how to configure modes to do certain things, like for example, make Night mode from 6-12 pm or so. Thanks :slight_smile:

Modes aren’t typically a trigger, but a filter. You can set any smart app to run in any or all modes. Routines are typically the best way to changes modes. there are options for presence, time, sunrise/sunset.

Thanks sidjohn1! Could you please tell me what are the built in specified hours in “Night Mode”? and do we have the option to modify them? how? Thanks :slight_smile:

They just pushed a new “Smart Lighting” Close App and reopen…You will notice the Icon changed…they must be fixing things as they go.

Thanks Robert, I’ll check it out!