Is there anyone with coding knowledge what would be willing to take smart app requests?
I initially thought that I would be able to create the smart apps that I wanted. However, it turns out that the apps I want are well beyond my capabilities. I also have less time to tinker than I initially thought I would have.

Why don’t you describe what you would like an App to do? You’ll probable get a better response.


Good Idea,

The first app that I would like would turn lights on in my house when a presence sensor is detected but only between sunset and given time. The app would also turn the lights off at set time so they are not on all night long.

The second app that I would like is one that tells me when my dryer is done. I have a multi connected to it and I can implement an app that tells me when it is active but I would like one that tells me when it goes from being active to being inactive. If at all possible I would like it to only send the message that the dryer is done only to those people that are home at the time, using a presence sensor to determine who is home.

I do know how ambitious these two apps are and given how new I am to creating any sort of app any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.


@Bryce Both of those should be very possible to accomplish.

I wrote an app similar to your light that is based on a motion sensor instead of a presence tag.

That one uses another SmartApp ( to automatically change the mode at sunrise/sunset.