Co2 Pressure Switch Homebrew Protection

My need was to have a sensor that could send an alarm when the pressure in my Co2 Tank, which provides carbonation for my home brew, fell below 20 psi indicating the tank needed to be refilled.


GoControl Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor - WADWAZ-1

Pressure Switch QPM11-NC (eBay)

The two main components with the cover removed from the door/window

Marking location to cut plastic housing to align pressure switch pins to
magnetic sensor pins.

circuit board and cut out plastic housing.

These dimensions
may change depending on the components used, but were the measured dimensions of the cut out and hole
for this particular build.

Locate and
drill adjustment hole approximately 9/64” diameter.

Crush glass
magnet sensor with pliers and bend up the two wire pins to outside width of
switch pins.

Mount switch
and epoxy to housing.

circuit board pins to switch pins, install battery, and screw cover into place.

pressure switch mounted on gauge set. The switch adjustment screw was set to
close switch when pressure drops to 20 psi. I normally feed the secondary
regulators at 30 psi.


This is quite possibly the most important SmartThings project ever created. We can’t drink bad beer people!


Wow, Fuller this is awesome. I’m actually building one of these for myself. I bought the components you show in your post. I have a question however, is there a reason you broke the magnetic sensor vs using the screws at end of the board for existing sensors? I’m wondering if i should just solder 2 wires to the end of pressure switch and add the wires into those screws.

Thanks again for this post. This is really amazing.