Cloud to cloud app problems

Hello I’m trying to create a smart thing app with the CLoud to cloud model using a AWS lambda.
I’m in the initial state. I’m having trouble following the documentation and although i get the smart thing android app to ask the user to log in to our website using their account (following the lifecycle event sample for OAUTH here I feel like the way smarthing does OAUTH is not standard and I’m having a hard time finding good examples.

Is the lifecycle the proper place to ask the user to log in to our website or I’m missing something here ?

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Have you looked at the lifx connector example?

It shows the configuration and OAuth handling.

Thanks for the reply seems like there was an issue with the android app, tried it with the iphone app and the process went through. Where would be the proper place to report android bugs ?

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Something that I’am seeing in my lambda logs is the EXECUTE lifecycle event for which i have not found any documentation for in your website. Any idea was this event is ?

I would not expect your app to receive that lifecycle; that is a bug and I’ve passed on the info to engineering.