Cloud integration development?

Now that smartapps are no longer available, what is the way that i can write an integration service where i can create my apps and and user can download the app to control smartthings devices from the my app.
glad if somebody can enlighten me in the right direction.

Hi @zulkhairi Welcome to SmartThings Community

I’m not sure what are you referring to with “no longer available”, you can still create and install a SmartApp on SmartThings.

in this case, you can check the OAuth integration

I hope this can help you :saluting_face:

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the new smartthings app is no longer support install smartapp, i still cant see the flow here now that user are not able to install smartapp in smartthings application. the previous flow that i understand is
register automation(smartapps) → user install smartapp in smartthing → our server will receive INSTALL webhook call.
Does this means that Oauth integration replace user install procedure in smartthings?

In order to work with self-published SmartApps users now have to reveal the ‘Developer options’ in the mobile app (pressing and holding ‘About SmartThings’ at the bottom of the ‘Settings’ page for several seconds does that) and then turn on ‘Developer mode’. That makes the flow in the app pretty much like it has always been. The apps appear on the ‘Discover’ page on the ‘Routines’ tab (same place as ‘Smart lighting’) and then when installed appear on the ‘Routines’ page.