Can you access REST API without installing a SmartApp?

I was wondering if you could create an app that authorized via oAuth and then allows you to make REST API calls to SmartThings (via a web app, for example) without requing be user to install a Groovy smart app. Every example I see, even the web service ones, seem to involve creating a SmartApp in the IDE, but what if you don’t need a UI in the SmartThings app. ActionTiles comes to mind, all I had to do was link my SmartThings account via oAuth, but I never installed any SmartApp. Is there any tutorial/docs for doing that?

you should be able to using the new developer environment

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Take a look under the SmartApps section of the SmartThings App or under My Locations / Location / SmartApps in the IDE

You will find the “ActionTiles V6 (Connect)” SmartApp installed. That’s done automatically by the OAuth web page which references our officially published SmartApp to list your Things for Authorization. That SmartApp is the connection between ActionTiles Cloud and your Location Object in the SmartThings Cloud.

Ah, awesome, that was the piece missing to my understanding of things, I had never seen the SmartApps section under location, only the main one. Thanks for clearing that up. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to bother doing much with it right now, maybe just the personal access token to play around, but I wanted to understand how things worked and the docs were more confusing than anything. Thanks again. Great product, btw, I just bought a license the other day, keep up the good work!

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