Classic app scenes


i have just installed a xiaomi motion detector and door/window detector.

Both of them shows up in the classic app under my home / things, but when i want to make a scene it only finds my lights (connected via hue bridge).

if i use the smartthings app it finds both and can make my automation there, but does any of you know why it does not show up in the classic app (also it does not show my hue motion sensor either)

Scenes (at least Classic Scenes) are about the activation of a set of things that are Actuators (i.e., Switches, Locks, Thermostat); They cannot do anything with Sensors – that’s why Sensors do not show up as options for a Classic Scene.

A Classic Routine can have a Sensor trigger a Scene.

argh thanks, i see that now, couldn’t find it on my own

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