Classic App Scene Limits?

I’m setting up a scene I’d like to trigger when Away mode is activated. I want it to turn off (or make sure they are off) 20 or so different lights around the house. Using the classic app, it keeps crashing or showing a red error when I try to save the scene. Is there a limit on the number of devices allowed to participate in the scene? If so, is there a recommended way to shut everything off on “Away” mode activation?

Which app was the scene originally created in? You can’t modify scenes created with the new app in Classic.

Its a brand new scene. I am able to create a scene in the new app with all the devices I want. Maybe I’ll just use that for now.

off the top of my head: Use “Smart Lighting” and you could use any trigger (garage door closed, no motion for x minutes, presence etc) to activate the Scene , only when the mode is set to “Away” in that lighting automation. I am only familiar with the “classic app”.

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