CHIP - The World's First $9 Dollar Computer

> CHIP - The World’s First $9 Dollar Computer

What can we do with this new C.H.I.P computer?
Just want to get this discussion Kicked Off!
They are already starting shipping this product.

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Did you see that Raspberry Pi released the Pi Zero which is a $5 computer? Race to the bottom!


Ditto on that.Who can make it work? I think they seen the KickStarter campaign and didn’t want to loose out! LoL!
In any event, I ordered 2x of these.

@joshua_lyon What can we do with this thing besides the currently covered threads? (VLC thing, Poor mans SONOS, etc)

Maybe a bit more interesting in regards to SmartThings integration since, unlike the Pi Zero, it has built in WiFi capabilities.

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@dkkohler the inclusion of WiFi is nice. There’s been a lot of discussion about whether or not the various flavors of the Raspberry Pi should start including WiFi.

A number of Arduino devices are starting to include the ESP8266 chip for <$3/ea (at quantity).

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The great thing at first glance about CHIP is that it is $9 per CHIP and no @ quantity is required for end user.

Was just thinking how about using it as a DVR or a light FTP server.

Finally got my CHIP!

It is based on psudo Linux Ubuntu.

Installed VLC and will start configuring VLC Thing for ST.

  1. I found a bluetooth/mouse keyboard and paired it with my CHIP
  2. I ordered a USB 3.0 powered hub…as CHIP can’t work with an unpowered hub.
  3. I had trouble finding the way to install VLC onto my chip but I found that on another thread:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vlc
    sudo password: chip (thank you @sh2 for that one)
  4. I will connect my chip to a dumb speaker and use it as a VLC Thing for SmartThings. That is a lot cheaper than getting a SONOS.