Chime Devices that work with the new app without any custom code? (2019)

Trying to figure out which devices could be used as a door chime with the new app with no custom code. I know that the dome chime cannot.

Can anybody verify one way or the other if the following devices would work:

  1. Echo via an Echo routine. Verified to work, although you have to buy a sound effects music file to be the chime. Note that this will only work on one echo device unless you are paying for the multi device Amazon music license.

  2. Bose speakers from the official compatibility list?

  3. Aeotec Siren. The siren is on the official list, the doorbell is not. The siren is supposed to have five different sounds, one of which is suitable for a door chime, but I haven’t heard it verified if it works with the stock DTH.

  4. Ring Chime. There’s an official integration with the doorbell, but I don’t know if the separate chime device can be used with the new app without custom code or not.

  5. if you have the SmartThings/ADT hub model, they have an option they call “door chime”“ that works whether you are paying for the monitoring plan or not. And I believe it will only work with the dual logo ADT sensors, not with any of your other sensors. It will be useful for some people. Verified as available with both apps, as it is part of the ADT security setting screens. The sound plays on the ADT panel itself.

  6. any electronic chime device, including an alarm clock or white noise machine, that will sound when power is restored after an outage can be plugged into any smart plug and you can turn it on and off that way. verified. The trick to this option is finding one that continues to sound after the power is cut and restored.

What is the use case you are asking about. Is it simply to a sound create when the door is opened, or is there more to it then that.

As far as option 5 goes there are many sounds the ADT system can do. It has several sounds and can announce the name of the door based on formatted location naming. From my perspective it is very useful. It does require dual logo sensors

Have you looked at something like a samsung R1 speaker with the speaker companion smart app.

Yes, I am just looking for a chime sound when a contact sensor, typically on a door, opens. That’s a very popular use case and we used to get a lot of questions about it, particularly from families that have a potential “wanderer” or from people who wanted an alert when the front gate was opened, but something that sounded more like a doorbell. There’s a wiki article on it that’s been there for a couple of years and has been updated multiple times.

after the Aeotec doorbell and the Dome chime came out, those became the two most popular solutions, and they were pretty simple as long as you used one of the custom DTHs. And then echo added even more options, including custom voice announcements.

However, we now have people asking for one that does not require any custom code and that will work with the new app. So I’m just trying to collect information to update the wiki for those restrictions. :sunglasses:

It’s true that the ADT panel sounds can only play for the ADT dual logo sensors? What other choices are there besides that triple-beep?

As far as the Samsung R1, believe it or not that line is not on the official “works with smartthings” list since the new app came out. Only the Bose models are there now.

This use case is for the simplest “plug-and-play” solutions for people who don’t want to use any custom code and only want to use the new app with devices on the official list.

That is what is listed for available sounds for a contact sensor. It should be noted that when it says voice it will say the label that is assigned to the device as well.

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Which device are you showing options for?

That’s the dual logo ADT SmartThings model hub. It has a chime/siren built into the panel. None of the other SmartThings hubs do. So it has a number of unique screens in the app.

same issue here. I used a sonos for chimes that worked with speaker companion. One day Sonos said there was a firmware update and I did it, not knowing that it breaks compatibility. I just bough a refurb R1 thinking that surely its smartthings integration would work… nope. I can add the speaker, but no sound comes from it when the speaker companion routine runs. I tried to do a routine in alexa, but they dont offer chimes either. Kinda lost on what to try. I really want a chime and not a verbal message every time the door opens, etc.

You can do a chime with echo by using an Alexa routine. :sunglasses:

For other alternatives, see the how to article in the community – created wiki:

you are correct. I have a Amazon music paid service and was able to try this out. With that said, the experience wasn’t worth it. Since the echo treats the sound as music, there is a delay in playing it (not terrible, but not instant either). Additionally when I go to play music on another echo in the house, it says it cant because I already have music playing on another echo (the one that is playing the chime). For now i’m trying to use another smart app for smart things.

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I have a solution for you
Use a smart plug
create a rule if door sensor open or close then plug turn on, then add turn off after 1 second in the same rule
Buy a small Bell for the plug

Hi Mavrrick, I have installed an AEOTEC siren 6 to my ADT-Smartthings system, I think Its working now because I can trigger its functions with an DTH (krlaframboise). I have set it up to turn it on when alarm is triggered with your ADT-Tools 2 app, I think It will work, tomorrow I will test it all tomorrow. My question is how can I set this external siren as a chime for dual branded door sensors (ADT/Smartthings). I have found some instructions but they are for SHM, but I cannot find how to do that in Classic Smartthing app using ADT/ST hub. Thanks my friend !

I created a simple chime smartapp using the device handler here.. It works with the dome siren and the wink siren. Find the app Here

As the topic title says, this thread is specifically looking for devices that will work with the new V3 app without any custom code. That was the whole point. I’m already aware of multiple other options that do use custom code. Thanks.

You probably already know this, but just to update this thread, Amazon did add chime sounds, dogs barking, and a number of other sound effects options to their Alexa routines (not smartthings routines) A few months ago, So that’s now a very good option for many use cases. :sunglasses:

I actually didn’t know this came out. Thank you so much.

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For the “action” in your Alexa routine in the Alexa app, choose “sounds” and then you will see all the new options. :sunglasses:



(Sirens are in the “sci-fi” category)

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Sorry, I took it as you didn’t want to have to make any custom code. This just needs to be installed like any other app.

Thanks, but when I said no custom code, that’s what I meant. This was in response to a question from another person and they have never signed into the IDE and don’t intend to. So I needed a solution which would work just with the official features in the official apps. Hence this thread. :sunglasses:

Fortunately, the echo solution now provides that for someone who is using a physical sensor which is recognized by Alexa. and Amazon support can walk them through it. So from my point of view, problem solved. :wink:

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Hi there,
I am new to smartthings/smartapps. I just joined GitHub to try your custom dome chime smartapp, and after downloading/unzipping your files, it’s not clear to me how to get your .groovy file added to the “My SmartApps” section of the smartthings hub IDE interface. I even tried to use the ‘enable GitHub Integration’ feature without any luck. Can you help?