Ecolink tilt sensor and ST/ADT Hub - chime when open?

Just got a ecolink garage tilt sensor. I also have a linear garage door opener, which works most of them time. Occasionally it doesn’t report the garage door status accurately, so I want to have the tilt sensor to be a backup sensor that triggers an alarm if the garage is opened when my ADT SmartThings system is armed.

My question is, is there a way to get it to chime when the door is opened like my other ADT branded sensors? I recently got a dome indoor alarm, and it seems like it might have that capability, but can’t seem to figure out how. I just like the audible sound when the door is opened.

Also, is there a better DH for the tilt sensor?


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The ADT tts for a sensor opening will only work with dual branded sensors. You can to tts with an app like bigtalker though for any sensor.

I believe i have heard you can also have Alexa do some tts for some devices to.

Lastly one person creates a tild sensor of sorts with a dual branded door/window sensor. You may want to look up how that was done.

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If you have an echo device, open the echo app, go to routines, and see if the sensor shows up in the list of devices which can trigger a routine.

If it does, you can have echo say whatever you want when the sensor opens. And the text to speech (TTS) feature will also work with multiple echo devices at once.

You can also have it play a chime sound on any one echo device you own, but there’s often a short lag for that because it is treated like a music file and people don’t seem to have been quite as happy with that as with the spoken notifications.

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So… I’m an idiot. The Dome indoor siren works with the speaker companion smartapp and plays multiple sounds when thing are opened, with motion, etc. I appreciate the help though!

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