Cheap xenon water valve at Amazon (WiFi, not compatible with SmartThings)

Xenon Smart WiFi control Water Valve,Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant,Application program iOS/Android.

It’s cheap, but it’s Wi-Fi and doesn’t work with smartthings. And does require you to use a Chinese app, thereby giving up your privacy.


Does this work with smartthings hub and app?
No, only for “smart life” and “Jinvoo smart” APP
By XenonUS [SELLER ]

Not sure many people in this community will find it useful.

Note that even though a Z wave actuator will cost more, it can be set up to run locally, which is a significant benefit.

And this one won’t work with SmartThings at all.


. And does require you to use a Chinese app, thereby giving up your privacy

That’s kind of a mute point these days JD, just about everything gadget including phone, computer, apps, devices are made in China, if its not China then Faceplant which actively harvests data or Google that contrary to popular belief is not a search company but an advertising company, saying a singular app that is not used greatly and therefore not accepted by the masses is a possible privacy hole is a bit… pointless these days, the only real answer is dump everything modern… just saying

China’s a different animal

Does not seem to support IFTT either so this looks like a Google Home or Alexa only automation.

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China passed a law last year which is of great concern to privacy experts and which we have previously discussed in the forum. It allows the Chinese government to run what they are calling anti-hacking tests on any company with servers in China and to keep all the data that they find. This is new, it’s different, and I’m not aware of any other country in the world that has a similar law. It’s not just about something being made in a Chinese factory. It’s about customer data entered through the app.

It also doesn’t require most of the published privacy policies for the app company to have to change, because most of them have said “we will turn over information if the government provides a legal request for it. “ in most countries, including the US and the UK, those legal requests have to be narrowly tailored and targeting a specific individual.

But with the new law in China, customer information can now get swept up in these “robustness tests,” and the information can come from hundreds of thousands of people. Without any one target being specified. :scream:

So, no, I don’t think it’s a moot point. I think it’s an important point that people should be aware of.

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