Cheap DIY garage door setup

First post alert! Lol go easy on me.
Decided that all the over the counter “smart” garage door opener systems cost too much so I made my own for cheap. I’ll list what I did below along with links to everything. This setup is for 2 garage doors that use contact switches to operate. Remember to UNPLUG your Garage door before you start connecting everything!


Putting it all together:

  • Door open/close sensor. I used a IRIS door sensor on a hinge to show the garage door open/closed. See video at the bottom.
  1. install the konnected smartapp into smartthings following this link.

  2. put the nodemcu onto the base lining up both wifi antennas (the squiggly lines at the bottom of each). Plug in a micro usb cable that does data transfer into the nodemcu and into your computer.

  3. Once the device is powered up, you will need to flash it with the konnected flashing software. Follow the instructions in this link. (you can download everything before hand)

  4. After the flash is complete, connect it to wifi. Connect to the nodemcu via wifi. The SSID will look something like konnected_XXXXX.

  5. Once connected to the device, in a browser, go to Select your wifi device and enter the password and save.

  6. Go into smartthings and open the konnected smartapp. click on add a konnected device - start discovery. Once the device is discovered add it and rename it to whatever you want. I named it garage opener.

  7. I configured the settings as the following:
    Pin D1 - Momentary Switch
    Name - Garage 1 relay
    Pin D2 - Momentary Switch
    Name - Garage 2 relay
    Pin D8 - Beep/Blink Switch
    Name - Garage Buzzer

  8. Go to your devices page and in the settings of the new relay’s you just made, turn on low level trigger.

  9. Mount everything so you can get all the wires in and attach the garage door leads and power.

  • Important! connect everything before supplying power to the base board and also unplug power for the garage door as well.

10. Connecting everything together

  1. With the garage door opener powered off, connect wire from the garage door terminals to the relay in COM1 and NO1


  2. Power everything back on and in the smartthings app, click the push on the relay you created and it should open the garage door.

  1. you can then set up the virtual garage door opener smart app following this link.

See my video showing it in action.


Yep, you’ll fit right in here! :+1:t5:

Cool project and excellent instructions!

Looks great, I’ll give this a shot. Thanks

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