Changing ST Login email on primary acct

FFew tips for those of you who work with ST Support to change your primary email account for Smartthings.

Support has to make the change.

After you make this change a few things still have problems:

  1. phones used as presence sensors that use that primary account have incorrect data in the device Network ID. It seems smartthings puts the email address for the account in the device network ID, so it now needs to be edited to work with the updated email address.

  2. SmartApps or Devices that use ST access token, the token needs to be revoked, and recreated for each smartApp. I ran into this for Nest Manager, and for webCoRE. I’m sure there are others.

  • In Nest Manager this can be done: Nest Manager -> Application Preferences -> Logging -> View Web Diagnostic data -> “Reset SmartThings Access Token”

  • In webCoRE, I had to edit the sources to one time revoke the token. I expect this will be added as an option soon as I have reported the issue to @ady624 and he helped me fix this.

Another app that breaks is echo integration. The fix I found is to uninstall then reinstall using Amazon app.


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