Changing SHM to Disarm by unlocking front door?

I’m sure this is possible, but hopefully you guys can tell me without having to search a bunch…

I setup my siren to go off whenever the system is Armed (Away) for SHM. Is there an app I can use to automatically change it to disarmed once I enter the front door code?


You can use the Lock Code Manager smart app. You will need to have disarming of SHM in a routine, install the smart app and associated DTH and configure it.


Withyou can also “turn off siren” with lock code manager. I have it setup to disable SHM (by running I’m Back) and turn off Siren. If the siren does trigger its only for about half a second. There is about a 2-3 second turnaround from entering in the keycode and the actual disarming.