Changing driver icon, possible?

So I’ve been doing some searching and can’t find the answer I’m looking for. Previously you could edit the groovy code to change the device icon. Example change a switch to a bulb or a outlet to a humidifier.

Is this something that will be possible for the end user with out having to setup the edge development environment and rebuilding a driver?

You can change the category or use the OCF values (under the metadata property) in the device profile of your Edge driver. Take a look at these posts:

Let me know if you have any doubts. :wink:

You will have to change/add the line of code in the edge driver Nayely mentions above.

The current situation is that you have to do the Edge equivalent of changing the metadata in the DTH. I see that as a bit of a step backwards for end users as previously they had to use the Groovy IDE editor to install custom handlers so it was just an extra step in a process they had to do anyway. Installing Edge drivers is a whole lot easier for end users, but adding metadata to the driver would mean a whole new learning curve.

It really is about time the app allowed device icons to be specified. It was something the Classic app allowed so it is lost functionality.

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I absolutely agree to this part. Looks like I will have to setup a new environment to make the changes to the drivers.