Change state of Virtual switch the FIRST time a button or switch is pushed

(Garrette Grouwstra) #1


I am looking to change the state of a virtual switch the FIRST time a physical button is pushed, or a physical switch is changed position, then allow that same switch to be used for other functions during a set timer period, where the first action will be ignored.


Hue bulbs are being controlled by a motion sensor.
Person flicks switch
Hue bulbs are the controlled (On / Off) from the same switch until switch inst used for 30 minutes
Hue resumes being controlled by motion

It could be that its late in the week, and I cant think, but I don’t see any examples of how this can be done with a smartapp and wanted to engage the community. Any response would be appreciated

(Marc) #2

I have a similar need. I walk into my kitchen and based on motion, my Hue light strips fire up underneath my cabinets. The problem is, I don’t want them to turn on if I hit my GE zWave dimmer when I walk into kitchen. I tried The Big Switch app and it didn’t work properly. Have you tried that instead of using a virtual switch? Do you have any recommendations for my use case?

(Garrette Grouwstra) #3

The Big Switch didnt work for me either. Anybody else have any ideas.

I would think manual override would be basic functionality for a “smart house”

(Garrette Grouwstra) #4

@Ben any ideas here?

(Garrette Grouwstra) #5

Something that might work here is a modification of the “Hue Mood Lighting” App to have a “Don’t do this if” section with the same inputs as the triggers section. I tried, but failed miserably to modify a copy to do this…

(Juan Risso) #6

I use Virtual Switches to control apps with IFTTT and also to track when my baby is sleeping.
Here’s a little tutorial on how to create virtual switches.
Hope this helps :smile: