Integrating a virtual device into a smartapp

Hello All,

Recently, I have been trying to set up an app from mitchpond on GitHub called ‘Hue Party Mode.groovy’ to work in such a way that I can activate the app at a set time.

Every time I try to edit the app to do this I get nowhere. Apologize for the newbie help, but is there anyway this would be possible?

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I took a look at the code, and unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to accomplish, you don’t need to integrate it. Just create a virtual switch (e.g., On/Off Button Tile), and then use the built-in Smart Lighting smartapp to control it.

The app doesn’t have any other trigger than manually pressing the smartapp in order to start the color loop. From my testing, I can’t attach it to a virtual switch, although I have created one for it as you suggested.

Hmm, I don’t have any Hue lighting, but I installed a virtual on/off button and the smartapp. It is as you described. I was able to trigger it using IFTTT as a “man in the middle.” But of course, since I don’t have any actual lighting, I can’t be 100% sure it works.

Try this:

  1. Bind Hue Party Mode to your lighting using the mobile app (Marketplace > SmartApps > My Apps)
  2. Install IFTTT (i.e., “IF” app) if you don’t have it already
  3. In ST, enable IFTTT access to your virtual switch and Hue lighting
  4. Using the SmartThings channel for both the ‘If’ and 'Then’
    scenarios, configure IFTTT so that if virtual switch is switched on,
    Hue lighting is switched on.

I believe that will do what you want. If not, I’ll have to defer to someone that actually has Hue lighting to test with.

Thank you for the quick response. The way I am trying to set the smartapp at a specific time (8:30 P.M. in my case) i want the smartapp to trigger the color loop to let the family know to get ready for bed that isn’t as subtle as a set color.

The way I would set the app up in ‘IF’ is that I would have to turn on (or off) the virtual switch manually. I am trying to set it up so that the complete process is automated.

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