Hue lights / Virtual Switch

I have 3 hue spot lights under a single virtual switch.

These lights are also automatically turned on/off by hue motion sensor.

Issue is that once turned on/off automatically by sensor the virtual switch state is not updated respectively.

Manual/direct operations are working fine and virtual switch state is updated correctly.

Any ideas of how to handle it?

What automations do you have setup for synching the devices?

The work around I found for now, by SharpTools app rule, that mirrors the state of the virtual switch once one of the spot lights is turned on/off.
The point is that original issue was not solved.

Not sure this will work for you.

I have multiple sets of can lights that I “group” using a virtual switch and the Mirror feature of the Smart Lighting SmartApp. I only mirror from the virtual switch to the real switches so I can have some of the lights on, not force them all on.

Occasional issue happened if the lights were turned off via their individual switches, the virtual switch would stay on.

I created an Automation in the new STSC app that turns the virtual switch off if all the real switches are off. Works perfectly.

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@HalD Thanks!

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