Change app picture when you tap the app

I have been trying my hand at programming a few Smartthings and ran into a bit of an issue when trying to set up an app that when tapped, will turn off my lights after a certain duration. App works great, but the problem is I can’t tell if it ran! I sort of just wait around and hope my lights turn off :).

Is there any way to briefly change the appearance of the app? Right now, it displays a play button - it’d be great if it would show something different (maybe a pause button?) to let me know that it’s running. Or maybe is there some way I could do this with a virtual tile?

Are you suing the Switch type or something else? The switch has icon change when status is updated. The dimmer type has an two additional states “Turning On” and “Turning Off”.

I’m using the switch type. I can tell if the switch turns on or off, but the light is only programmed to go off after 15 minutes. The idea is that I click the app then I can head off to bed. I would just like a way so that I know the app actually accepted the press – I click it and nothing happens. You did give me a bit of an idea though, might play around with virtual tiles and try and do something along the lines of what the dimmer switch tiles seem to do now.