Chamberlain MyQ Trouble

I’m having a few issues with my Chamberlain MyQ App and getting it to sync with my smartthings app.

Firstly - I’m currently using the chamberlain app to open and close the door. It seems to be taking a very, very long time to respond if the door is opening, or doing anything. I’m thinking my wifi range may be to blame. Has anybody else had this issue?

Secondly - I haven’t found a way to sync it with my smartthings app yet. I’ve done some research on the forums but haven’t come across anything that made sense (to me) regarding a simple solution. I’m not trying to do anything overly fancy or complex, just open and close with the smartthings app.

Thanks for any help

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I use this and it works very well:

It was simple to set up and has never failed me.

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It looks like this app won’t tell you if the garage door is open or closed?

Chamberlain has been very “unfriendly” with regards to letting apps poll status. The current iteration of the app does a good job considering limitations imposed by Chamberlain. I have an ST multi sensor on my garage door and the app tells me whether the door is open or closed reliably. Either way, I have an alert in the Chamberlain app that alerts me if the door stays open for more than X minutes as a backup. I do not think there are many (if any) other solutions that work better than this and are not “overly complex”.

My Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener is the type that has a device wired via Ethernet that talks to the opener via their regular wireless protocol (it does not have WiFi baked in). To see if you are having coverage issues, you could use a ‘WiFi analyzer’ app on your phone to do a heat map of that area. That might give you an idea of how good or bad the WiFi signal is in general. Does the garage door opener give you any indication of the signal strength anywhere? If it does, I would not bother with scanning the area with your phone.

Thanks so much for all the help. You mentioned an ST sensor - is this the same one that comes with the MyQ door opener? This one

Nope, not the same, unfortunately because SmartThings can’t natively communicate with that sensor. You’ll need to either buy a separate sensor that can pair with SmartThings or do some clever virtual switch/IFTTT magic as described here: How to: SmartThings_MyQ SmartApp using MyQ Sensors with IFTTT

Ah, I see, do you guys have a cost effective switch in mind you recommend?

I bought an ecolink/monoprice zwave tilt sensor for amazon for this exact reason ~$30.
Works without any issue. You might find a multi sensor that will give you vibration and temperature as well for the same price or cheaper.

I use this one:

It’s last year’s ST multi sensor:

The DTH will ask whether the sensor is being used as a garage door sensor. The magnet shown is not used in this configuration.

I use the monoprice tilt sensor. Flawless operation.

How precise and sensitive is the monoprice tilt sensor?
I tried using the Smartthings multisensor for a motorized skylight, to create an open/vent/closed device handler, but could not get the thing to report changes because the motion of the skylight was apparently too slow for it to register those changes.

The tilt sensor simply switches and it orientation changes from vertical to horizontal. Its not a vibration detection. I don’t see the sensor on Monoprices website right now though. I’m sure you find the same switch elsewhere.

Some users have set up a regular door contact sensor with the magnet on a hinge so when the door goes up, the magnet swings/hangs down away from the sensor and it reports open. You can find photos in one of the MyQ threads. This is essentially what the tilt sensor does but built in.

Sorry guys, I’m very new to all of this but can someone explain how to install it in smartthings? I was looking through the thread mentioned above and my head is spinning a bit. Obviously you can’t just tap “add thing” and chamberlain appears, but what can I do? Thanks in advance

There is a readme at the github site that hosts that program. It has very detailed instructions on how to install it. If you follow those, it’ll work for you.

Look here under “Installation Instructions - Manually”

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Post edited: Figured out the problem

Start by logging into your the IDE at

Under My Smart Apps select settings add a new repository with this information: image
Then select Update from Repo. You should see the MyQ app in the right most column. Select it. Select publish and then select Execute Update.

Now go to Device Handers and do the same thing.

You can now add the App to Smartthings in your phone or tablet. It should show up the MyApps category at the bottom. Please note I’m writing this from memory so I may have missed some steps or detail. I posted primarily to put you onto the method that links your IDE account to the code in Github that Brian maintains. As he does fairly frequent updates and improvements installing the code this way will save some headache later when getting updates.

JD has good general tutorial on installing custom code here:


I was going to integrate MyQ garage opener into smarthings but now i am not sure i need to? can’t figure out the use case?

What i do want is that if i open the garage door, I want my garage lights to come on, closed, lights turn off (BigAssFan lights :wink: ) i think i can just use a tilt sensor for that…

what other use cases do you all use?

Thanks, Peter

It is written that it is only working with smartthings app CLASSIC… I use the new app… do you have something for the new app?

It works in STSC (the new app).


I have both the classic and the new app, and installing this app is odd. Had to install it on the classic app.

I got it to work, and then it stopped…then I read that I need a separate tilt sensor… got it… and trying it again. Lets hope this works.

Before finding this fix, I took apart a remote and soldered the leads to a GO Control GD-004Z, only issue with that is the battery on the remote would die every 3-4 months.