Chamberlain Internet/Smartphone Connectivity Kit

(Wamble J) #1

I do not have this device, but I was wondering if something like this would be compatible. I am assuming since it is wifi and not Z-wave or Zigbee it may be a little more complicated to configure.

(Chrisb) #2

Assuming they have a published API I suppose it might be doable. However, I don’t see that it significantly cheaper than using existing SmartThings/Zwave devices. You can get an Evolve z-wave relay for around $50, and then either a SmartThings Multi-sensor or an off the shelf z-wave open/close sensor for $50 or less.

Obviously that’s a little more money than the Amazon thing, but it’s a solution that’s in place already.

(Wamble J) #3

Is the Evolve Relay pretty easy to install?

(Chrisb) #4


I don’t have one myself, but my understanding is that it’s a pretty easy straight forward thing. The only issue that I could see over the Chamberlain this is that you do need to have normal house current that you can connect to with the relay. There was discussion on it a few days back that might be helpful to look over:

Note that there is also discussion there about the Remotec ZFM-80 as well. I do have one of those and install went very easy with that device. Again you need house power to the relay.