CES 2020 (January 7-10, 2020)

Somebody at ST got very punny with the last sentence on the Smartcar integration


No comment on this video of the SmartThings model home at CES :zipper_mouth_face:


10 char

Hmmmm…that looks like SmartDuvet, who have a patent on that kind of device. I looked into it about a year ago (the founder has an uncle in a wheelchair who was the original target market), but it’s essentially an inflated air mattress and I was afraid my dog would just destroy it.


(Not my dog, but the same idea.)

Do they have a smartthings integration now or is this a different device?

I agree, looks like SmartDuvet. No SmartThings integration. I can’t even find Alexa or ifttt integration for it…

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Yea it is disappointing that August got rid of Z-Wave. Hopefully some local integration via IP?

They know which way the wind is blowing…

Controlling the lock is done through August’s smartphone app, and it also supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit. The Wi-Fi Smart Lock is powered by two CR123 batteries, and the company says it will last about the same time as the Smart Lock Pro does with its four AA batteries. A new option in the August app lets you configure Amazon Dash to automatically reorder a set of batteries when it comes time to replace them.

I’m still waiting for a sliding patio door lock, I was hoping this would be the year since everyone seems to be getting into the smart lock game.


I was.not impressed with this ueqts announcements but a patio smart lock would.be a big seller…I think.

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