CentraLite Keypads

You should be able to remove both batteries, then hold the tamper switch in, put in one battery, release the switch.

They say “2 seconds”, but releasing the button after a full 2 seconds doesn’t always work. The best advice I can come up with is “Release the button sometime after the lights come on, but before the network light starts blinking”. It’s usually about a second or so after inserting the first battery that the keypad lights up, so 1 second “should work”.

Thanks Zack. I will give that a try. Another question for you how will I know I have successfully got it into pairing mode? Someone mentioned the wifi icon will blink…is that correct??

The network icon should blink slowly (One “double blink” roughly every 2 seconds, I think)

I previously added the keypad before finding this device handler/smartapp. However, I do not see the keypad in the smartapp as something I can add to it.

Do I just change the device type in the IDE? If so, what would I change it to?

If you saved and published one of the device handlers in this thread, then in the IDE you can change a device’s assigned handler to the name of the handler you installed. It’ll be at the bottom of the list, all custom device handlers are added to the end, after all the ST official device handlers.

Thanks Mark! I was looking for it alphabetically.

Has anyone used this to trigger a chime when one of the Iris sensors is open? I found some old threads but didn’t see how it was done.

I would suggest checking out this thread:

For one thing, there’s a link to an updated version of the device handler for the iris/xfinity keypad that enables the chime function of the keypads.

Then the smartapps that Arn developed can be used to add entry/exit delays, chime on door opening, etc.

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I am having this problem too but your fix is not working for me. I installed the DTH, it successfully paired to the ST hub but there are no beeps and the light continues to flash no matter how many times I hit the tamper switch again. Below is the last entry in my log file. I could only post the last line because I am a noob apparently. Lol The lines before this show the motion sensor logging when I wave my hand in front of it. However, I’ve attempted to save it, pull and re-insert the batteries but the only thing that will work sometimes is the volume button in the app will make the keypad beep. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

7deced86-0563-4ed0-8d83-02284c6d4233 ‎11‎:‎43‎:‎56‎ ‎PM: debug [name:temperature, value:72, descriptionText:Iris 3405-L Keypad was 72°F, isStateChange:true, displayed:true, linkText:Iris 3405-L Keypad]

I just moved over to the Smartthings hub from Iris since they decided to shut things down. First off, I wish I bought a ST hub a long time ago. Anyway, I was able to get most of my Iris devices working with ST, except the Iris V2 keypads. I installed the DH and smart app at this first post of this discussion, and was able to pair the keypad as the Centralite. When running the 3400-X Keypad Manager, it says everything is good in green, but a few second laster it turns red and says “An unexpected error has occurred”. I just want to use the keypads to arm/disarm the alarm, is there a fix or another option?

Take a look a my Smartapp SHM Delay, especially section 14 that points you to a working DTH

You can check out this update to the DTH which supports all the features of the v2 keypad including the built in Siren

Have you resolved the issue? Thank you.