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CentraLite Keypads

(Never Trust @bamarayne) #33

Thanks Mitch.

Not your responsibility, but will provide whatever debugs/logs/access required if you have time to troubleshoot. This is an amazing offering, something that was immediately missing to make this work for a household with 10/11 y/o kids.

Swindmiler -

Thank you. I do only have one keypad connected at this time. I have stripped everything down as far as I could, I think that the DH would not let me remove completey - kept saying it was in use which was odd as I could not find out where/how/why.

Will try to attack that issue again.

There were labeled as Xfinity on ebay. I don’t know how to verify what they are other than how they were labeled there.


Removed DH and App. Rebooted Hub.
Added new DH and App.
Added one keypad. No battery showing. Hit config. Wait for battery to show.
Add SmartApp.
Hit codes.
Same errors in the in the live log as before.


Not sure what magic I was able to hit upon when the one was working there for a short period but it was wonderful while it lasted.

For the record, I am new to SmartThings, but I have 54 things, custom DHs and Custom Apps working across the install. Not that I am an expert, but am figuring plenty out here.


(Scott Windmiller) #34

Yeah, this may be up to @mitchp to help. I was trying to assist as I am sure he is busy, hopefully he figures it out based on the log you posted.

Have you tried a different code? I posted up a little that I was trying to use a code that started with a zero and that caused issues. Its a longshot but I figured I would mention it.

One other thing is I assume you have Smart Home Monitor completely configured, right? You went through the whole config process for it?
Also does the keypad show the correct state when you arm or disarm through the app? I am able to Arm/Disarm through the ST app then in a second or two (its really fast) check the keypad by waving my hand over it or even just picking it up to see that the correct mode is set. I wonder if that part is working.



(Never Trust @bamarayne) #35

I will try another code, but this code was working when it worked briefly.

Yes SHM is fully configured and working. When the keypad worked it did show the status updates - just as you described. Really slick stuff.


(Scott Windmiller) #36

Yeah, sorry, I am just grasping a straws now. I was more curious if the keypad updated when you changed the mode through the app when the keypad wasn’t working but it looks like it was only doing that when the keypad was working.

I hope it gets figured out for you, sorry I could not help more.


(Never Trust @bamarayne) #37

NP, thanks for throwing in ideas.

I did change the code and the code change was successful. I get the same execution errors, however, with the new code.


(Scott Windmiller) #38

Since its a zigbee keypad it may not hurt to perform a zigbee repair:


For zigbee, healing the networks occurs automatically whenever the 
hub is powered off for about 15 minutes or more. It may take an hour or 
two before the routing tables rebuild completely, but you don't have to 
do anything other than unplug the hub, wait at least 15 minutes, and 
then plug it back in.

(Mitch Pond) #39

I cannot duplicate this bug. The code I’m using at home is the same as what’s published to Github. That exception should not be thrown. Make sure you have the latest code installed for the smartapp and the device.


(Never Trust @bamarayne) #40

Thanks Mitch.

Supremely confident the code is what is published to github, it’s my only source for it of course - and I have meticulously ensured the code matches by MD5ing it.

In fact, this evening:

Removed SA and DH.
Turned off the hub for an hour, turned back on. (Per Scott’s zigbee healing and a chance to shake out any ghosts)
Readded DH and SA
Rejoined a Keypad. Added SA.
Same results.

Would love to get this working, it’s great needed addition. Wondering how many folks have tried and were successful.


(Paul) #41

I got mine in the mail yesterday. Loaded the device type, and the app. Added the keypad with no issues at all. I was actually surprised how easily it went. Not sure how much I’ll actually use it, just really wanted to see if I could get it to work. The keypad I’m using was used on Ebay for $25 and is labled as “Zigbee Wireless Keypad (Xfinity / Comcast Home Security)”

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(Never Trust @bamarayne) #42

The auction I purchased from was labeled the same, but I am beginning to think I have to try another keypad.

Are you able to tell me who the seller was?


(Stephen) #43

@ptdalen is it worth buying if you need a keypad?


(Paul) #44

This was my seller


(Paul) #45

For $25 (openbox, no guarantee) it was worth it to me. The going price on ebay seems to be $40 for new with instructions. Honestly, it is fun, but I will probably almost never use it in my situation. My SHM changes modes based on presence, so I don’t need to manually enable or disable the alarms. If I was to let someone in the house I would probably just disable the alarms remotely. If you have a cleaning person or someone who would not part of the “Family” who accesses the house, and you wanted them to be able to keep you from getting false alerts, then it’s totally worth it. Maybe children without a phone or presence sensor would be able to use it as well. I bought it mostly just to see if I could get it to work. :slight_smile: Also maybe in the future someone will write an app to do something else cool with it too.


(Scott Windmiller) #46

I look at it as a fall back. Does your presence work 100%, mine does not. For that reason I don’t have a siren, just notifications to my phone. My wife would not be happy to open the door and have a siren go off just because her presence was not detected right or just slow.
Hopefully SHM gets entrance/exit delays so then if presence wasn’t working we would open the door and hear some sort of alert that would let us manually shut down the alarm with the keypad before the siren went off.


(Paul) #47

Ha Ha, I agree I don’t have a Siren for the same reason.


(Never Trust @bamarayne) #48

Sirens are a major deterrent, only second to the alarm signage, to B&E.

I don’t want sirens going off either under false alarm circumstances, and don’t trust presence. Also have kids. So asking them to disarm before entering is the compromise, if you don’t you can expect sirens.

BTW - I found the manuals that came with my keypads and they say xfinity. No clue why mine don’t work. Might be getting another hub to test with. So frustrating.


(Ben Lebson) #49

Just to confirm, does yours look like the keypad in post 2? I know they had older Xfinity keypads on eBay and don’t know if those ones would work or not.


(Never Trust @bamarayne) #50

Yes they do, precisely like those.


(Ben Lebson) #51

Gotcha, hopefully the solution will show itself soon.

As for using a siren and worrying about presence, If you have a smart lock on your doors you can set it up to disarm SHM when you unlock it using a code (and possibly when you use a key too). Not sure about the reaction time though so you still might trip the alarm within the first 30 seconds or something.


(Robert Merrill) #52

I have my lock set to disarm SHM. Almost every time I get an intrusion alert in SHM when I open the door. I’m still on V1 of ST hub. My typical disarm times vary from about 5-30 seconds.

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