Central Boiler Wood Furnace Firestar Controller Integration

This community has gotten me excited about integrating all of my devices into SmartThings. I couldn’t find any examples for the Central Boiler Wood Furnace Firestar Controller so I made one:

Just a prototype at this point but it displays the water and fire temperature. I’ll add the furnace state and status messages next. Contributing this as I would have wanted such code if I could find it.

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So this is for the Firestar II controller I take it?

Yes. It talks to the little webserver that runs on the controller.

I see, unfortunately I have a Maxim M250 with the Firestar gen 1 controller. It has no web server, and cannot be swapped out for a Firestar II. :frowning:

I will have to crack it open and harvest the information via sensors.

Have you interfaced with Alexa at all? I was hoping to be able to ask Alexa for a stove status and then get a mode/water temp/firebox temp reply.