Ceiling Fan with separate light switch and fan switch?

I’m new to the Smart Home world. I recently purchased an Echo Plus and have installed a couple smart plugs and light bulbs. I would like to install a switch that would control on and off for the light and separately control on and off for the fan. I’m not concerned with controlling fan speed as I always keep the speed the same. But i’d like to be able to turn off my light and leave the fan on and vice versa. What do I need to purchase? And what do i need to know about the wiring in the current switch.
Thanks in advance.

from the fan the wiring needs to include a separate wire for the light and the fan motor. if you had a switch doing this already you’re gtg. newer installs have 3-wire run from the fan box above it to the wall switch and include a blk white and red, and bare ground. if u look at the switch that is already there, u can see if a red wire is there.

if this sounds like your setup, u can get two smart switches and they will control the fan and light separately.

Does the echo plus currently work with any in wall switches? Or have you also purchased a SmartThings hub?

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good point, the smarthub in the echo plus is not smartthings.

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This forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings brand of home automation. Although that does work with echo it is not the same thing as the echo plus, in fact it is a competitor to echo plus in that sense.

So I’m afraid you’re not likely to get an answer to your question here. The best thing would probably be to ask Amazon support.

I did purchase a smartthings hub before I purchased the Echo Plus. I’m just a Samsung girl at heart so I will be using the smartthings hub as opposed to the hub the Echo Plus. Its the just Echo that was on black friday sale that I wanted. I’m mainly trying to figure out which SmartThings switch I need to purchase to control the light and fan separately.

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In that case, the following FAQ should help :sunglasses: (this is a clickable link):

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