Ceiling fan with one gang two switch combined into one smart switch

I’m new to the h9me automation game, but have installed several tp-link hs200 switches and two hs-210 three way switches.

I have a new issue that I am not quite sure about the right answer and didn’t see it addressed.

I have a ceiling fan with a light kit on it. Currently it’s controlled by a dual switch in a single gang box. One switch controls the light and one controls the fan. The fan itself also has a remote control that will both the fan and light from the remote.
I’d like to replace the dual switch with a TP-Link hs200 and then control the fan or light using the remote controller.

Here is one photo (can only post one since I’m new)

Can I pigtail the two load wires (backside of the switch in the photos) onto one black wire from the smart switch and the hot wire to one of the black wires on the smart switch. And lastly connect the ground and neutral like normal.

Here is the right side of the switch.

Check out the Zigbee Hampton Bay/King of Fans threads (just search). I had the exact same thing. It means making your ceiling fan remote control but you can put the wall mount remote in the switch location. I do that now. I have 4 speeds of fan (3 on the remote) and dimming lights, plus I got “cool breeze” added. It works very well.

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I am using the Bond for my ceiling fan control through a regular RF ceiling fan controller. Indeed, I have all my ceiling fans controlled by one Bond unit. I just use voice command on Google Home to control them.

Well that seems like a pretty slick solution.

I also picked up the Hampton Bay Wink/Zigbee remote and controller and it works GREAT. I didn’t have to change any wiring. Although I am considering removing the switch completely as people keep turning it off…thereby rendering the whole thing useless!

I ended up getting the Bond system and love it. It’s working great.

I put the 1-gang remote that looks like the switch and wirenut’ed the two wires together behind it.

That way, if I have to re-join the device, I just

  1. Turn off the power,
  2. Untwist the wires
  3. Install the wires on a dumb switch
  4. Power it back up
  5. Run the sequence to reset it (Off/On for 3 seconds at a time for five times while in pairing mode–it may take more than 5, sometimes)
  6. Power it back off
  7. Remove the switch
  8. Twist the wires back together and cap them.
  9. Turn back on the power.
  10. Replace the wall remote.