Fan Control and Light Dimmer To install with only one wall switch

I have a room with two fan gas with lights. They both power from one single switch. I would like to get a dimmer/fan control to stop pulling on the chains. I tired lutron however they only work with one fan and I need something that can control both

There is no smart switch that can (independently) control fan and light in a single gang form factor.

Search the forum for the Hampton bay zigbee fan controller.

It works like an old school local RF control for a fan. By that I mean you install a receiver in the fan canopy that handles the power to light and fan, and use a remote (ie transmitter) to control light and fan independently.

But it’s also unique in that it has a zigbee radio in it, so it can be paired with ST and used to control the fan and lights remotely or with an automation.

In your case, you would need two of the receivers, one for each fan. You could use one remote control though if you wanted, the receiver and remote have dip switches that can be configured so that one remote controls two fans.

There are a ton of other threads on fan/light control too, including the specific issue of single gang switch.

You may find it helpful to use a quick-browse list, using the tags that the forum software can apply to various topics.

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Mark, is half right.
This the remote control he is talking about.
However that remote is still RF controller. Canopy receiver is where zigbee radio is.
Now good part is that there is single gang switch that is also RF remote that can connect to canopy receiver.
Both remotes come with own canopy, but you don’t have to use one without zigbee receiver. It is extra cost, but it works.
Handheld remote with zigbee canopy $49.99
Single gang boz remote with no zigbee canopy $39.99. Total is $70
Also there are couple fan models with handheld remote for $90-130.
Hope this helps.

Why get the single gang remote for $40 when you can just mount the remote that comes with the RF receiver to a blank wall plate?

Sounds like spouse approval factor is not something you have to worry about in your house. You’re lucky :zipper_mouth_face:.

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I fail to see what that has to do with it. I can’t have things looking nice if I don’t have a spouse? LOL
I have it hanging in a white plastic clip that looks very nice I’ll have you know. But hey, i’m just a single guy, what do i know.

Besides WIFE factor, which is significant, it is still remote control, that can disappear (kids, dog and too much beer), and without remote, fan is useless. Wall mounted stays on forever.

LMAO…this is a problem in your house? Wow…maybe some discipline for the kids and the dog and lay off the second 12 pack.

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