Ceiling fan with light on a single pull

I know there are several topics around this however they are so hard to follow on what the heck is going on and what has been tried. And yes I’ve read almost every article. The articles tend to cross reference each other to add to the confusion.

Is there a good way to integrate a ceiling fan and light on a single pull switch?

My conclusion:

  1. Remove Light switch. Direct connect power and cover the switch with a button such as a button panel.

I am unable to determine if this button is designed to cover a switch and or if it is powered by 110 or battery.

  1. Setup an Aeon Labs Micro Controller inside the fan cover for the light and another for the fan.

That aeotec wall button is only meant to work with their in-wall switches, like the one you link to in your post.

You might have trouble fitting two of those micro switches in the ceiling box. And there’d be no way to control the speed of the fan, just on/off.

What do you do now to independently control your fan and light, pull chains?

On and off for this fan is fine. The fan speeds can be controlled by the pull chain which we rarely do. I should be able to fit 2 of those up there but just curious if this idea would work. It would act as 2 independent switches of course.

I don’t think you can use the micro switch to control the fan. It’s rated for resistive loads only (i.e. lights, not motors).


Some people have put one of those micro switches in the fan canopy to control the light, and a smart fan switch to control the fan

But did you come across this at any point?

I’m using one for my fan with light kit that only has a single wall switch.