2 ceiling fans on a switch suggestion or other idea please

I have 2 ceiling fans on my porch that are currently on one standard house switch. I have been wanting to get an easier way to automate turning them on. I like that one switch turns them both on, anyway does anyone have some suggestions on how to automate them. If I knew of a smart switch that could handle the load of two fans I would pull another neutral.

What’s the brand and model of the fans? And what country are you in? And what does the existing dumb switch look like?

If nothing else, you can use a device which physically moves the existing dumb switch depending on its shape. There are a number of devices in this category, but which ones will work depend on the other details.

Indeed - what JD asks - device availability varies by locale. Personally, I (in the US) use a GE / Jasco fan controller for the two ceiling fans in my living room. The device can control fan speed for up to two devices wired in parallel.


I have the same config in a media room. No issues.


ah ok i have two ge in use now for some reason i thought that the ge couldn’t handle two. I am in the US

First rule of home automation: the model number matters. In this case the model number of the fans as well as the model number of the switches. You just have to match up the specifications and see if they will work.