Ceiling Fan Recommendation (for use with ST)?

I’m looking to buy a ceiling fan with an attached light and would like to choose a model that I can manage/control with SmartThings. My goal is to also control the fan and light with a wall switch/panel, which I will also need to install. Lastly, in the ideal world, I would like the fan to communicate with either ecobee4 or Nest thermostats so the fan turns on/off automatically based on certain conditions, such as temperature, humidity, etc.

Can anyone recommend a ceiling fan with light model or a product line that can meet at least the first two requirements (SmartThings integration and can be controlled with a wall switch). If the fan doesn’t come with a light, but one can be attached and easily controlled with ST, that will also be good.

Are there any fans with light that also meet the third requirement (ecobee4 integration) without using IFTTT?

My budget is $600 (not including wall control). And, when possible, I prefer models that can integrate without adding a third-party product, such as Bond.

If you have 14-3 Romex running to the fixture, most ceiling fans can be controlled with separate GE Z-wave 3-speed fan control (14287) and light (14294 dimmer or 14291 on-off) switches.

If you have a strong Zigbee mesh and only have a 14-2 running to the fixture, you can buy a Wink-enabled fan (search Wink fan at Home Depot to see models - they’re currently on special) and use this handler; just note that you’ll likely need a Zigbee repeater in the same room.

You can also get a Hampton Bay controller which is equivalent to what’s built into those fans, they go in and out of stock but they’re currently available.


If you want a wall control that works with any of those options (and works when the fan is disconnected from ST), you can buy this and toss the receiver, just set the DIP switches to match the handheld remote.

This thermostat smartapp works well with the GE fan control switches.

There’s a 4-speed version that works with the Wink controllers too.

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I have on of the Hampton Bay controllers and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. I never know when it is going to work. Today it may come on and then it may not. It might work now and in 15 minutes it won’t. The fan is
only 20ft. from the ST hub. Don’t waste your money. Maybe the one you buy may work better than mine. I usually end up using the remote that comes with the controller.

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There’s no smart fan itself which works directly with smartthings, but there are several switch choices which allow you to use pretty much any ceiling fan with SmartThings by replacing the switch.

If you are willing to use a double gang switch, then getting two GE zwave switches, one specifically designed for multi speed fans and one for the light kit on the fan, can work very well and removes the issue of trying to get signal through to a device in the fan canopy, which can indeed be tricky because of the ever changing position of the fan blades.

But there are other options as well. See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)

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I just bought a bunch of smartthings compatible devices, including this device. I bought one months ago for my bedroom, and automated it with my Ecobee thermostat so it turns on once my bedroom hits a certain temp at night. I can also use Alexa to voice control the fan and its light. It works perfectly, but I did make some adjustments to the device handler to only have 3 speeds.

I bought this extra one and other ST stuff at a great price. It’s on amazon at www.amazon.com/shops/liptonbro

I’m not usually a seller, but I found these things for cheap, outfitted my home with smart devices, and now selling what I don’t need. Thought I’d share with the ST community. Merry Xmas!

For sale posts should be posted in the Deals section of the forum. (And a lot more people will see it there.) Thanks! :sunglasses: