Ceiling fan on a dimmer switch

I am trying to install a ceiling fan with a light in my dining room. There is only one switch and it is a dimmer switch. I know I cannot Conner the fan and light both to the dimmer switch has this is not good for the fan.

I bought a hunter basic remote. If I hook the light and fan up to the remotes receiver can I then keep them on the dimmer switch since the remotes receiver will be on the dimmer switch and light and fan hooked to that? Can I still dim the lights then and run the fan with the remote?

You can’t use a dimmer in any of the situations you’ve described.

If you have two separate hot wires running from your fan to switch box, then you can use a dimmer for the light, and a switch for the fan.

If you have one hot wire, then you need to change out your dimmer for an on/off switch.

Then you could use the RF receiver and remote to independently control lights and fan. The physical switch at the wall would stay on all the time.

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I would get the wink fan controller and upgrade your fan to run remotely if you can and use that hole in the wall for a remote for that module. All my ceiling fans are set up like that.

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This is how I have setup two of my fans as well. I’m pretty happy with it, as is my wife, who wants to have control of the fan and light at the wall switch (and since that uses the standard local RF protocol, it’ll work even if ST is down, which is pretty critical for a wall switch control).

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In your current situation, is the speed for the fan only changed by the pull string? Even a dumb dimmer shouldn’t be connected to a fan, so I suspect the fan may be wired separately from the light.

@Automated_House I took this to mean there’s no fan in that spot currently, just a light fixture. I could’ve misinterpreted.

And I believe you’re correct :slight_smile: Coffee hasn’t kicked in yet…:sleeping:

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Do you have links for these items?

Thank you I think I will change the dimmer switch to a regular on off switch and then install the remote receiver to control it with the remote appreciate it

Try this thread: