Fan plus light switch

Trying to figure out how to switch out a switch that controls light and fan speed in one switch that connects to SmartThings. Does anyone know of a switch that can do all 3. I already installed the fan and works of the current switch that came with. I can control fan speed and the light level.

Insteon makes an 8 button zwave switch that you could set up 8 different scenes for. (Lights on/off, fan on/off, low, med, high) however, it won’t connect to a ceiling fan through rf. I believe what you’re looking for would require the HOF zigbee fan reciever. You can find everything you need to know here.

That sounds like a allot of work.The fan is already installed and form the looks of it I would have to pull the fan down to place the HOF zigbee fan receiver in the opening. I have the GE zwave switch for fans but doesn’t have a light control. I would think there would be a product that just adds that function. I also dislike using custom device handlers also. Any updates in my past experiences cause me have to go fix something.

It’s actually fairly simple. Yes, it would require reinstallation of the fan and a custom DTH, I am new to this stuff and it was all pretty straight forward. I understand you not wanting to do that, however.
Unfortunately, I don’t believe there is a single switch to control both lights and fans, like you want, as of now. Do you have a pic of your current switch? I’m kind of curious what it looks like.

I agree, it depends a lot on what your current switch and wiring are like, which is unclear from what you’ve posted so far. A description or pics would be helpful.